Frequently asked questions

What is DOMAIN and who can use the website?
DOMAIN is a database with digital mathematical tasks, which can be used in many ways in teaching, both in the school and university environment. In principle, DOMAIN can be used by anyone, but is primarily aimed at teachers at schools and universities.
How do I register on the website? Do I have to register?
For the use of DOMAIN a free registration is necessary. Only your name and e-mail address are required for registration. You can find the registration form via the corresponding button on the start page.
What do I need a profile for and who has access to this data?
To search and export tasks from DOMAIN, you must register. The data, your name and your e-mail address will then be visible to all registered users of DOMAIN when you import tasks into the database yourself and share them with other users.
How do I download a task of interest to me and how do I get it into my Moodle course?
If you find tasks that interest you via the search function of DOMAIN, you can add them to your task basket by clicking on the basket symbol. Once you have finished searching, you can export all the tasks in your basket at the bottom of the search page. These tasks are all stored in a Moodle XML file. You can then import this file into your Moodle or ILIAS course and continue to edit and use the tasks in your course.
What is a Moodle xml file?
A Moodle XML file is a file with the .xml extension that stores digital tasks. A Moodle XML file usually contains several tasks at once. If you export tasks from DOMAIN, you can export these tasks as Moodle XML files. Such a file works with the STACK task type not only with the eLearning system Moodle, but also with ILIAS.
For which platforms are the tasks suitable?
Task import and export is currently supported for Moodle. For the task type STACK the files are also compatible with Ilias and can be used there without problems.
Who owns the copyright to the work?
Each user of DOMAIN can decide for himself in which license he makes his tasks available in DOMAIN. As a rule, the tasks are available under the Creative Commons (CC) license.
Are there any tasks in languages other than English?
Yes. In the tab "Status" you will find an overview for which languages there are currently tasks in DOMAIN. The language of the task can be set by the uploader of the task. In the search function there is the possibility to filter the search results by language.
Can I import tasks myself?
Of course you can also upload tasks yourself after registration. For the procedure, please refer to our short instructions.
How can I make sure that not everyone can use my task?
If you don't want other users to see your tasks, you would first need to create a private group on your profile. When uploading a task, you can then assign it to this group. Then no one who is not a member of this group will be able to see the task.
How do I know that a task I want to import doesn't already exist?
A mechanism that recognizes tasks with the same content does not yet exist in DOMAIN. However, before uploading your task, you can use the search function to find out whether a similar task already exists.
Can you see who created the tasks?
Yes. If you find a task via the search function, you will see the author and the uploader of the task.
Are the exported questions still editable afterwards?
Yes. You can edit any question you export from DOMAIN later in your own Moodle or ILIAS course. In addition, you can change the details of tasks that you have uploaded to DOMAIN afterwards.
I found an error in a task. How can I pass this information on to the affected person?
If a task is faulty, you can notify the uploader of the task by e-mail by clicking on its name. You can also comment on a task to alert other DOMAIN users to errors.
Are the use of the website and the download of tasks free?
May I change a task from DOMAIN and upload the new version to DOMAIN?
Yes. There is even a function of its own, with which you can mark that a task uploaded by you is a further development or modified version of an already existing task from DOMAIN. After uploading a task, you can enter the UID of the original task in the "Based On" field. You can find the UID of a task if you search for the task.
How do I find tasks that are particularly good?
In DOMAIN it is possible to evaluate tasks according to the star principle. When searching for tasks, you can specify that the tasks are to be sorted according to their evaluation. You can also sort by the number of exports of tasks. You may also find hints on the quality of the tasks in the comments left by other users.

Short instructions

Here you can download an illustrated short manual for the import: PDF